Welcome to Website, Canada's leading car lease transfer solution. When you need to break your lease or you want to take over a short term car lease, LeaseTakeOvers is the solution you need. We have many types of manufacturer leases to take over including GMC lease, Honda lease, Toyota Lease, Nissan Lease, Acura lease and many, many more. Get out of your leasing contract without penalties. LeaseTakeOvers, your Vehicle Lease Transfer Marketplace.
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Have a look at our short 1 minute long commercial video. This video is intended for lease owners who want to get out of their current leasing contract. We hope you enjoy this video has much has we enjoyed producing it.

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What Is LeaseTakeOvers all about? Why should I get a lease from LeaseTakeOvers? is a revolutionary online lease transfer service involving canadian vehicle leases. We have one major objective: Widely advertise your car in order to get thousands of eager drivers who are currently looking for lease takeover vehicles or exceptionally great deals to take away your lease. At the same time, new leasers get attractive payments on a short term lease making the solution a win-win situation. There are a lot of advantages when you take over a car lease from LeaseTakeOvers including a lower initial costs and getting cash incentives, lower monthly payments, get to drive a more expensive car or want to drive a new vehicle more often. When performing an auto lease takeover, you could also benefit from having repairs covered by the manufacturer and avoid trade-in obligations.
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How do “Lease sellers” save money? What is the process to transfer a lease?
Lease sellers save a lot of money by finding someone to complete their lease, instead of the more costly alternatives involved in early lease termination. If a lease owner simply wants to pay off the remainder of their lease, there are early termination fees charged by the leasing company additionally to the remaining monthly payments owed. Policies vary per leasing company, but one thing is for sure, early termination fees are VERY costly. Check out all the sellers advantages. LeaseTakeOvers allows Lease Sellers to offer their vehicle currently under a lease for assumption online where thousands of eager Lease Buyers can view them and make contact with them. You can visit the How it Works for step-by-step process and discover why we are Canada's leading lease transfer service.

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Acura Lease Ferrari Lease Land Rover Lease Nissan Lease
Aston Martin Lease Ford Lease Lexus Lease Pontiac Lease
Audi Lease GMC Lease Lincoln Lease Porsche Lease
Bentley Lease Honda Lease Lotus Lease Rolls Royce Lease
BMW Lease Hummer Lease Maserati Lease Saab Lease
Buick Lease Hyundai Lease Maybach Lease Saturn Lease
Cadillac Lease Infinity Lease Mazda Lease Subaru Lease
Chevrolet Lease Jaguar Lease Mercedes Benz Lease Toyota Lease
Chrysler Lease Jeep Lease Mercury Lease Volkswagen Lease
Dodge Lease Lamborghini Lease Mitsubishi Lease Volvo Lease
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