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  Find answers to some questions toward the lease transfer concept  

How do “Lease sellers” save money with

Lease sellers save a lot of money by finding someone to complete their lease, instead of the more costly alternatives involved in early lease termination. If a lease owner simply wants to pay off the remainder of their lease, there are early termination fees charged by the leasing company additionally to the remaining monthly payments owed. Policies vary per leasing company, but one thing is for sure, early termination fee are VERY costly


What information will I need to list my vehicle?

Contact information

Including name, address, phone numbers, email address

Information about the vehicle
Including year, make, model, style, features, current mileage.

Details of the lease
Including original dealership, leasing company, monthly payments with tax & without tax, security deposit, down payment, end of lease purchase price, mileage / year allowed, extra mileage fee, original lease term, expiring lease date & a cash incentive if you want to put one in. (your lease contract or the cars financial company is a good source for these details).

Car picture (optional)
If you do not have a nice picture of your car , we will put a picture of a car look-a-like for FREE!


How will potential buyers contact me?
Buyers will reach you directly by phone or email since the contact information you decide to put in your account  will be available for everyone who visits our Website.


What are the procedures to transfer my car?

Submit your vehicle to our database. By being registered, your vehicle will be widely advertised in many medias such has: Websites, newspapers, newsgroups... Your vehicle will be seen by THOUSANDS of eager buyers! Future leasers will contact you to arrange a lease take-over. You and the new buyer exchange paperwork with financial leasing companies and... BAM! That’s it! You are now out of your lease.


Does have a secure credit card transaction Web site? uses SSL 128 bit encryption in order to process your secure transaction from the world renowned beanstream. In fact, BeanStream is Canada's leading provider of authentication and electronic payment processing solutions. All transaction data (order information, customer identification and credit card number) is encrypted when transferred from the purchaser's computer to the bank server, which is the only server that can decrypt it. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Interac Online.


How much money will it cost to transfer my lease?

Our services:

LeaseTakeOvers has one level of membership. We have no hidden success fees or transfer fees like others have and your vehicle will be posted on our site until it's transferred.

Our fees are $69.95 Can. Now only $49.95 Can.

New Look, New Savings Promotion - 20% off!

This promotion includes:

  • Get a Personnal Full Page Listing on LeaseTakeOvers.Ca

  • Ability to add up to ten pictures of your leased vehicle

  • Your Lease is advertised until transferred

  • WishList Service. When your lease meets a buyers criteria, the buyer will automatically receive an email informing him about your specific lease

  • Real-time and live updates to your vehicle listing.

  • Your lease will be posted within 24 hours

  • Tips on how to improve your chances of getting you out of your lease the fastes way possible.

  • Leaser support available through e-mail support

  • Fast Response Garanteed!

Transfer fee:
Since this depends on your leasing company; you will need to contact them. Every lease finance company have different fees.

The cash bonus you offer, if you decide to offer one.
an incentive adds a very powerful way of getting a buyer to take-over your lease

***Remember breaking a car lease WITH THE CAR DEALER often costs all of the months remaining on the lease contract; An incentive is definitively worth it!


What is a cash bonus or incentive?

Incentives are a very good way of making your vehicle get bought much faster. Incentives can be anywhere from $250 to a few thousands dollars. Remember, directly terminating your lease with your financial company will end up costing you ALL of your remaining payments + early termination fee. If you decide not to put an incentive at first, but then change your mind, you can always add in your control panel.


My lease is transferred, am I still involved with payments, damages and wear and tear?

Technically, You are no longer liable to the vehicles payments if someone took a lease from you. However, Before signing any lease-assumption documents; you as the new lessee must ensure that the subject vehicle’s integrity is intact. You do this during the negotiation phase of the transaction with the original lessee. Any Lease-Take-Over (LTO) should be subject to an independent inspection performed by the original selling dealer. The original selling dealer will inspect both the mechanical fitness and physical integrity of the vehicle; this includes an inspection for any previous accidents or undisclosed problems. This inspection will act as your assurance policy. If the vehicle has sustained damage from a previous accident but was repaired properly by an accredited body-shop; you must get copies of the original repair orders. In terms of maintenance; you should request the maintenance records from the original lessee in order to confirm the vehicle has been looked after. Regarding the vehicle’s service history; simply have the original selling dealer print out a warranty repair history. This history will let you know if the vehicle has had several warranty problems or if it has been virtually problem-free. For further questions regarding this Question, please contact your financial leasing institution.


I have my own vehicle pictures; can I add them to my listing?
YES, you certainly can. But if you do not have one, will gladly put a look-a-like FREE OF CHARGE in for you.


Does actually own leases or vehicles?
We do not own leases or vehicles. We are an advertising service that helps people to get in and out of vehicle lease by promoting lease transfers in many high-traffic medias. All transactions are directly made with car leasers, car buyers and the financial institutions.


How does the process work?

LeaseTakeOvers allows Lease Sellers to offer their vehicle currently under a lease for assumption online where thousands of eager Lease Buyers can view them and make contact with them. You can visit the How it works for step-by-step process.


Who pays for the transfer costs?
Lease Ads shown on our Website contains the information and you will know if the seller will pay for the transfer fee. However, the lease seller and the lease buyer can negotiate and decide as to who will pay any costs involved


Is worth it for sellers & buyers?

The vehicle seller needs a way to get out of their lease ASAP with minimal penalties. is the perfect way to avoid paying thousands of dollars extra. The buyers get an excellent low-term, low monthly payment for the new car plus, often, a cash incentive. It's a win-win situation!


Do all Leasing Companies allow lease transfers?

Most leasing companies will allow car lease transfers, however some of them do not. Please contact the dealership directly or your Leasing Company to find out their policies regarding their car lease transfers.


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