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  Find answers to some questions toward the lease transfer concept  

Why should I get a lease from LeaseTakeOvers?

There are a lot of advantages towards getting a lease from

-Lower initial costs and incentives
-Lower monthly payments
-Want to drive a more expensive car
-Want to drive a new vehicle more often
-Want to have repairs covered by the manufacturer
-Want to avoid trade-in obligations
-Want to pay taxes only on your monthly payment

Check out the Details here:

Lower initial costs and incentives
Often, not only will you get a vehicle by putting no money down, you will also get a nice cash incentive to take away that vehicle.

Lower monthly payments
Monthly lease payments are based on the portion of the vehicle's value that you intend to use.

Want to drive a more expensive car?
When you lease, you can drive a new vehicle with more features and luxuries for about the same monthly payment as a less-equipped financed vehicle.

Want to drive a new vehicle more often?
Lease terms are often shorter than finance terms, allowing you to get into a new vehicle more often.

Want to have repairs covered by the manufacturer?
You never know when your car will break. Often with leases, cars are still under warranty from the manufacturer for the remainder of the lease . No repairs to be done on your part!

Want to avoid trade-in obligations?
When the lease ends, you can: return your vehicle and walk away OR turn it in and lease another vehicle OR buy it. You decide.

Want to pay taxes only on your monthly payment?
Instead of financing the lump sum of taxes, you're taxed on the individual payment you make each month.


What is the vehicle wishlist?

If you were unable to find exactly what you were looking for, make sure you use this feature. The "vehicle wishlist" is designed to automatically let you know when the car or cars you are looking for are posted in our Website. Please Click Here to go to our “wishlist” now.


What fees will I have to pay when I take over a lease?

Very often, The only charges that may apply is from the leasing company who may include a credit application fee and/or a lease transfer fee. Parties, buyer and seller need to agree on whom will pay the transfer fee.  Please refer to “Who pays for the transfer costs?”


Does actually own leases or vehicles?

We do not own leases or vehicles. We are an advertising service that helps people to get in and out of vehicle lease by promoting lease transfers in many high-traffic medias. All transactions are directly made with car leasers, car buyers and the financial institutions.


How does the process work?
LeaseTakeOvers allows Lease Sellers to offer their vehicle currently under a lease for assumption online where thousands of eager Lease Buyers can view them and make contact with them. You can visit the How it works for step-by-step process


Who pays for the transfer costs

Lease Ads shown on our Website contains the information and you will know if the seller will pay for the transfer fee. However, the lease seller and the lease buyer can negotiate and decide as to who will pay any costs involved.


Is worth it for sellers & buyers?

The vehicle seller needs a way to get out of their lease ASAP with minimal penalties. is the perfect way to avoid paying thousands of dollars extra. The buyers get an excellent low-term, low monthly payment for the new car plus, often, a cash incentive. It's a win-win situation!


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