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Buyers Advantages
  Buyers Advantages  
  Get a Short Term Lease with No Money Down

By taking over a lease you get very recent vehicle for less time and you get a great deal at the same time. Where else can you find a deal where someone else has paid all the upfront fees associated with a new lease, usually several thousands of dollars, and will let you simply take over the payments from that point on!

Get Paid To Take-Over a Vehicle Lease

Many of our lease sellers really need to get out of their lease and they are ready to pay you for it! They often offer cash incentives, winter tires or a few monthly payments! This is a win-win situation: Get a new vehicle, a cash incentive with zero down….

Drive a More Expensive Car… More Often

When you lease, you can drive a new vehicle with more features and luxuries for about the same monthly payment as a less-equipped financed vehicle. On top of that, lease terms are often shorter than finance terms, allowing you to get into a new vehicle more often.

Vehicles are Often Still Under Factory Warranty

New vehicles come with a factory warranty, and by taking over the automobile lease, the warranty often comes with it! Have peace of mind when driving your new lease and enjoy!

Simple Vehicle Lease Transaction Process

The process is very simple: Once you find the perfect car, simply contact the lease seller. The lease transfer paperwork needs to be done by the car dealership, and you take the keys and drive away with your new vehicle!

Friendly Bilingual Support

The LeaseTakeOvers support team is 100% bilingual and ready to answer any questions you may have. Our professionals will go out of their way to help you.

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