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How It Works
  How it Works  

Transfer any type of Vehicle : Ford, Acura, Nissan, Toyota, Etc.

  How a lease transfer works  

Step 1

This is the easiest part, click here to register your vehicle on where thousands of buyers search everyday on our Website to find interesting leases. When someone is interested in your lease, they will contact you.

Step 2

Seller and buyer communicate with each other by email or by telephone. Once the buyer and seller have agreed on all lease transfer terms, they can continue and contact the lease dealership/company to get the car transferred.

Step 3

The buyer will have to fill out a credit application with the leasing company. Once the credit leasing company approves the buyer's credit, they will start the paper work to transfer the vehicle. The seller and buyer will have to sign a contract to complete the lease transfer. This usually includes license plate and other registration papers for the vehicle.

With the contract now signed, the lease seller is now out of his lease and the lease buyer can now drive away in his new vehicle.

*Remember that each leasing company has their own polices and procedures so make sure to contact the lease dealership/company concerning a lease transfer.


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